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LC200DS1 - Articulating Wall Mount
OSHPD Anchorage Pre-Approved for Seismic Safety
for Flat Screens up to 65" weighing less than 60lbs
with 200mm or 100mm VESA
® Mounting Patterns

The LC200DS1 Articulating Wall mount for 20"-65" Flat Screens weighing up to 60lbs with 200mm x 200mm, 200mm x 100mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA® mounting patterns. Features a 180° pivot from the wall arm with a 180° pivot point behind the monitor and a ±45° tilt.

LC200DS1 has the OSHPD Anhorage Pre-Approval # OPA-1628-10 Click on this Link to Download a Copy (700K pdf file) (Updated 8/10/2012)

Can be installed in 16" metal stud, 16" wood stud or concrete wall mounting applications. Includes toggle bolts & wood lag
screws for metal or wood stud installations. Concrete installations require additional anchor bolts purchased separately.

Dynamics lab testing has been done to prove strength and durability under extreme shaking. Click here for a link to the Dynamics lab testing with a video of the monitor wall test

LC200DS1 Product Data Sheet (.pdf file)

LC200DS1 Installation Instructions (.pdf file)

OSHPD OPA 1628-10 (.pdf file)

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LC200DS1 Catalog Page

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