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LG Wafer Thin Profile Furniture Mounts
for 32", 37" & 42" Hospitality Models

The LG wafer thin profile furniture mounts use the existing monitor base to secure the LCD to the furniture. Available in adhesive and bolt down versions. The adhesive models allows the monitor to be secured to granite, marble, glass and other counter tops that can not be drilled. The patented security mechanism provides a discrete wafer thin profile while securing the monitor. Security screws are used to replace the existing monitor stand screws.

For LG 32" Models 32LC50C, 32LC5DC & 32LC7DC:
LG2085 Color Product Flyer (.pdf file)
LG2085 Product Data Sheet (.pdf file)
LG2085A Instructions (.pdf file)
LG2085B Instructions (.pdf file)

For LG 37" Models 37LC50C & 37LC5DC:
LG2309 Color Product Flyer (.pdf file)
LG2309 Product Data Sheet (.pdf file)
LG2309A Instructions (.pdf file)
LG2309B Instructions (.pdf file)

For LG 42" Models 42LC50C & 42LC5DC:

LG2510 Product Data Sheet (.pdf file)
LG2510A Instructions (.pdf file)
LG2510B Instructions (.pdf file)

For LG 37" & 42" Models 37LD340H & 42LD340H
37LH250H & 42LH250H:

LG1810 Product Data Sheet (.pdf file)
LG1810A Instructions (.pdf file)
LG1810B Instructions (.pdf file)

For LG 32" Model 32LH250H
For LG 32" Models: 32LD330H, 32LD310H & 32LG700H

For LG 32" Models: 32LD450C, 32LD452C & 32LD650H




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