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Monitor Ring Suspension Systems
for Flat Screen Displays

  • Infinite Possible Variation of Monitor Ring Configurations
  • Custom Layout and Design of Individual Customer Configurations
  • Solid Monitor Rings from 44" to 108"+
  • Split Monitor Rings from 60" to 108"+
  • Curved Arcs Rolled to Customer Specifications
  • Suspension System using 1/2-inch Threaded Rod
  • Using LCDUC, LC200C, FSCT20 and FSTRT Flat Screen Mounts
  • Accessories Available for Steel Beam, Concrete and Wood Structural Attachment

60" Dia. Split
Monitor Ring
with six LC200 mounts
for 32" Flat Screens

60" Dia. Split
Monitor Ring
with four FS mounts
for 40" Flat Screens

60" Dia. Solid
Monitor Ring
with eight LCDUC mounts for 20" Flat Screens

96" Dia. Split
Dual Monitor Ring
with six FSTRT mounts
for 32" Flat Screens

Comprehensive Multiple Monitor Suspension System Specification (7Mb .pdf file)
Multiple Monitor
Suspension Systems
for Flat Screens

Monitor Rings for Flat Screens


Inline Sususpension for Flat Screens


MRA - Suspension System Accessories



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